Essay on Employment and Task- 2 Career Goals

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(1) I can find information about training or employment relating to my personal career in many places such as: * Gum tree in the Internet they I can find job adverts as well as training opportunities which are relating to my job and the benefits are I can apply them straightaway and find out what are the relevant qualifications needed. * Job centre provides help and support for those looking for work and those looking for employees. Part of the Department for Work and Pensions. Here I can find jobs using their job terminals which list up to the minute vacancies across the country. Find out about job descriptions and skills needed. * You can look at jobs in local newspapers I can also find different jobs relating to my career path * By going and register to the employment agency for your relating career * You can look at council websites here I can find information that can offer me careers advice and guidance on the full range of exciting, flexible career opportunities, current vacancies and training available to me within Hounslow. They provide you with a details and recruitment pack, which can help you to decide which career path you would like to take, from the different options available to you such as a child-minder, play worker or pre-school worker. The information in this pack will include * A next steps guide * Student placement list * List of training providers * Financial help for students * A mixture of appropriate information leaflets


* By talking to you career advise they can help you at any stage of your career to make the right decisions, now and for the future and also they can advise on how to apply for job or helping with the application form, as well as training opportunities * By looking at government website They I will find out about a job description, qualification, skill you need for the job and payment

(2) The opportunities for training which will help me towards my career goals are: * Supporting teaching and learning in school {L2/L3} * Children and young people