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Why ObamaCare works for me

I’m a 31 year old blue collar American returning to school because the job market is not what is use to be. I have to work long hours and over time just to be able to make ends meet. I’m glad the congress passed the Affordable Care Act (ACA) AKA ObamaCare because I work for a small factory less than 50 employees and even though it does provide insurance its not a very good plan for me and my family. This is why I’m grateful congress could see eye to eye on this plan.
Before the economy tanked I was a district manager at for a local Verizon Wireless Agent and made great money and had pretty good benefits. It was 2010 and life was great I was making mid 50’s and healthy with a little one on the way. Without any warning the owner of the franchise I was working with decided he didn’t want to be in wireless any more and opened up a Batteries Plus. He sold most of his Verizon locations to other local agents and asked me to come work for him at Batteries Plus for more than a 50% pay cut and no benefits. I accepted without hesitation the owner saying I’m going to be taking a pay cut and things will be a little rocky at first. Knowing start ups can be a little slow at first we had no idea what we were getting into the owner promising the world we had great expectations and mild delusions of grandeur. We set out to take the battery market by storm little did we know it caused about $500,000 a store we were use to $50,000 a store and almost instant return on