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Health and Safety Information

June 2011

Prior to the Work Experience placement commencing:

Particular care is taken to ensure that where students are faced with significant risks, appropriate control measures are in place. We have employed our own Health and Safety Inspector who will carry out the necessary premises inspection prior to students undertaking Work Experience. Employers participating are asked to confirm that they have insurance which covers a student on Work Experience and that their health and safety provision is appropriate to Work Experience requirements.
Parent/Carers will receive a copy of their Son's/Daughter's placement Job Description prior to the commencement of Work Experience which contains relevant Health and Safety Risks and Control Measures.
Students will be briefed on Health and Safety matters in the PSHEE lessons. We encourage them to raise any queries before Work Experience begins, but also have the confidence to contact us in school should problems arise.

During the Work Experience Placement:

We expect students to comply with the safety regulations of the organisation where they are working. In line with the Health & Safety (Training for Employment) Regulations 1990 they are also required to take reasonable care for the health, safety and welfare of themselves and anyone else who may be affected by their actions or omissions.
Each student will be monitored and supported during the placement. A teacher (most likely his/her Form Tutor) will arrange a visit to the place of work during the time of the placement. It is an opportunity for students to show how well they are doing - for them to explain the work that they have been doing. Have the tasks matched those as stated in the Job Description? What is the student enjoying? Are the employers impressed? Does the student/employer have any worries/concerns?
We ask employers to report all incidents involving students on work placement activities will be reported to the school and we shall forward the details to the Children's Services Health and Safety Adviser at Norfolk County Council.

Please note:

Thorpe St Andrew School does not work with Connexions nor the Norfolk Exchange regarding Work Experience. We employ our own Health and Safety Consultant and so please direct all queries to school. Sometimes Employers think that all schools work with other agencies to provide help and support regarding Work Experience.

Claire Hollidge
01603 497739 – – Work Experience Admin Coordinator
Graham Fish
01603 497711 – – Careers Coordinator incl. Work Experience

Parental/Carer Consent Form

Please return this form to Claire Hollidge, Work Experience Admin Coordinator.

June 2011

I am willing for my son/daughter ……………………………………………………………………………………. (Name) to participate in Work