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October 01, 2014
706 Keewantin Street
Winnipeg, MB


This agreement is between:
FIRST PART: Janice’s Financial Bank Inc. a company incorporated pursuant to the laws of the province of Manitoba.
SECOND PART: Tracy, of the city of Mississauga in the province of Ontario
It is my pleasure to extend to the following offer of employment to you on behalf of the company. This letter will detail the terms of our offer.
1. Your job title:
Sales Associate

2. Reporting to:
Joey, sales manager

3. Location:
506 Langside Street, Winnipeg, MB R3B 2T7

4. Time shifts:
9:00am-5:00pm from Monday to Friday.

5. Duties:(1)
a. Open new personal and non-personal accounts, and provide access to automated banking machine, telephone banking and online banking services.
b. Promote the sale of deposit, investment, credit and loan products and services
c. Assist clients by proposing solutions to address financial objectives such as business expansion, debt management, investment and other financial goals
d. Research and evaluate loan applicant's financial status, references, credit and ability to repay the loan
e. Submit credit and loan applications to branch or credit manager with recommendations for approval or rejection; or approve or reject applications within authorized limits ensuring that credit standards of the institution are respected
6. Compensation:
a. Your starting salary will be $16.27 per hour.
b. Your commissions of sales will be 15%
c. We will pay you by transferring to your account.
d. There are two types of pay for you to choose: semi-monthly or monthly. If you choose semi-monthly you will get pay in the 15 of the month, with monthly, your salary will be transfer in the first day of every month.

7. Vacation and holiday:
a. You will have two weeks annually vacation from January 1-December 31 that you can choose.
b. You will have 18 days off for holiday:
Christmas Day and New Year’s Day: from 23 December to January 3 (10 days)
Family Day: 9 December (one day)
Good Friday: April 18 (one day)
Easter Monday: April 21 (one day)
Victoria Day: May 19 (one day)
Canada Day: July 1 (one day)
Labour Day: September 1 (one day)
Thanksgiving: October 13 (one day)
Remembrance Day: November 11 (one day)
Louis Riel Day: February 16 (one day)

8. Probation:
You will have two months period of probation:
a. The employee shall have an opportunity to assess the performance, attitude, skills and other employment-related attributes.
b. The employee shall have an opportunity to learn about both employer and the position.
c. Either side may terminate the employment contract at any time during the two months period without advance notice but will have reason. In case that happens, there will be no continuing obligations of the parties to each other, financial or otherwise.

9. Confidentiality clause:
a. You will not at any time during your employment or afterwards, disclose to any person any information as to the business, dealings, practice, accounts, finances, trading, software, firms or companies otherwise connected with the practice. All information held about the practice or in connection with the practice and any of the above is to be regarded as confidential. All notes, memoranda, records and other documents of the employer and in your possession are and shall remain the property of the employer and shall be handed over by you to the employer from time to time on demand and, in any event, upon termination of your employment. Given the highly confidential nature of the work you will undertake, you should understand the telephone conversation in particular should be conducted in a confidential manner. You should understand that any breach of this clause would constitute a very serious disciplinary offence for which you may be dismissed. If you breach this clause after your employment has ended, the organisation may take legal action against you.(2)
b. By signing this contract, you will provide your personal