Employment roles and responsibilitie Essay

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Employment Roles and Responsibilities - ERR

Can you name aspects of employment covered within these features ?
Work conditions

What are the terms and conditions on your contract ?
- My job title (Support Worker)
- Hours of work (37.5 hours/week)
- Holiday
- Absence due to sickness or injury (must inform manager at least 2 hours before shift starts)
- Notice of termination of employment (1 months’ notice in writing)
- Grievance procedure
- Ensure confidentiality is maintained.
- Company rules and the disciplinary procedure etc.

Eric works at a local nursing home, he is on a salary of £17280 a year – what does he earn gross per month?
He pays a regular 20% in income tax
How much does he pay in income tax?
Per year
Per month
Show your results on either a pie or bar chart. Eric’s salary
Income tax rate
Income tax paid monthly
Income tax paid yearly
3,456.00 What must you tell your employer
It is important that your employer has all your correct and up to date and correct information
Such information will be required for
Your personal file
To contact you
To pay you
What information would this be ?

Full name (and any change)
Address (and any change)
Up to date phone numbers
Next of kin details
Medical conditions
Bank details

Agreed ways of working
The agreed ways of working are

The agreed ways of working with my own employer are simply to follow my job description and to work on time, to not be late.
My own employer must provide me the correct tools I need to do my job in the best condition possible, as said in The Health and Safety Act, 1974 law. To be polite and professional, to follow policies and procedures correctly to make everyone feel welcome and happy to be at Clements House, to provide a safe, warm, loving and happy environment for the residents, to be respectful of other peoples religion, background and personal choices.

The laws we are required to work to

Equal pay act 1970
Contracts of employment act 1972
Sex discrimination act 1975
Race relations act 1976
Employment act 1991
Disability discrimination act 1995
The employment rights act 1996
Protection from harassment act 1997
Working time regulations act 1998
National minimum wage act 1998
Data protection act 1998
Human rights act 1998
Sex discrimination act / gender reassignment regulations 1999
Race relations act 2000
Sex discriminations act 2001
Working time (amendments) 2001
Equal pay act (amendments) 2003
Employment equality act 2003 /2005 /2006
Disability discrimination act 2003 / 2005
Gender recognition act 2004
Health and Social care act 2008
Equality act 2010

The policies and procedures set out by our employers
Can you name them ?

1. Data protection
2. Grievance
3. Conflict management
4. Anti-discriminatory practice
5. Health & safety
6. Confidentiality
7. Whistle blowing

This ensures we are working in a way which promotes and ensures standards are met and upheld

Policies and procedures
Areas included are
1. Data protection
2. Grievance
3. Conflict management
4. Anti-discriminatory practice
5. Health & safety
6. Confidentiality
7. Whistle blowing

Data Protection – This ensures that all personal information is kept safe and secure and only accessed on a need to know basis
What personal information is recorded and stored in your workplace ? How is it kept safe ?

Only discuss information in confidential settings
Only discuss information only with members of staff, who need to know the information
Ensure that written records are kept in locked cabinet
Ensure that staff message book is kept secure in the office
Ensure that computer files are password protected
Ensure that service user`s personal files are kept in secure location in the office
Not have telephone conversations regarding service users in front of other service users or visitors
Ensure that filling cabinets remain locked when