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Within this assignment I will discuss a service user which I work with on a daily basis in my care setting. The service user I will be discussing is a male aged 35 and suffers from a Mental Health illness Schizophrenia. Within my organisation I work in day centre in which people can drop in and talk to staff about their mental wellbeing and also interact with various activities with other service users and staff.
I feel that there are many factors which can contribute to loss of independence, non-participation and social exclusion and these can have a negative affect on the client and even family members. For example from my own case study I feel that dependency in most of the cases, vulnerable adults like the service user I work with daily lose their independency and social exclusion because of being dependent to someone such as family members. From looking at various care settings I have found that sometimes the patients may not be permitted to carry their day to day activities because of lack of ability or the potential of risk for example a service user may not be permitted to go out for the day due to needing to take important medication at particular times of the day and under supervision of staff. They may not be given permission to choose how they will spend their times, how they spend their money, where will they spend their leisure time, what will be their regular diet etc. because of lack of skills developed. As a result, he may lose his minimum capacity to lead a life of his own. Therefore leading him to be reluctant to participate in social events as it may be insulting for him as that he feels he is dependent. ( last accessed on 3rd May 2015)
Also a Community Mental Health Support Worker I feel that service users may be kept away from decision making. From my own case study, I have seen that my service user was not given chance to make his own decision. I feel this may be from family members and sometimes members of the multi disciplinary team making his own decision for him due to the nature of his illness Schizophrenia and feeling they must take care of him due to the family members feeling that he does not have the capacity. I feel this can cause frustration and they become more dependent due to not having the opportunity to make his own decisions.
(Health and Social Care Diplomas - Level 3 Diploma Candidate Handbook Paperback – 29 Jun 2011 by Mark Walsh pages 14-19 last accessed on 1st May)

I feel that constraint may have a negative affect on my client also. This is one of the major ways for what service users become dependents I feel. It can cause threat as they may be forced to think as other people think and not have a mind of his own. Although my client was not forced to do anything while visiting the day centre. He was encouraged to perform all day to day activities and as a result he became overwhelmed due to feeling pressurised. I feel that when working with vulnerable adults, adults should be assisted to carry their day to day activity but not feeling the need to, to make other people happy. They may think about their inability but they should be encouraged to work along side other service users assessing the risks with the assistance of staff if and when they wish to do so. Otherwise, they will be dependent, frustrated and will lose their taste of life. ( last accessed on 3rd May 2015)

Within my organisation empowering individual’s potentiality is key. Within my workplace beliefs and values underpin everything that we in my organisation do in supporting people affected by severe mental illness and mental health difficulties.
They include Empowerment: People have the right to determine their own goals and aspirations and we will support them in their journey to fulfil them.
Recovery: By taking a holistic approach, individuals can be supported to challenge the adverse impact on