Essay on Empowerment Approach to Human Service Management

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Empowerment Approach to Human Service Management
Karon Hill
BSHS/ 425
July 27, 2015
Instructor: Harold Dobbins
Empowerment Approach to Human Service Management
In this paper I will be discussing the principles that characterize an empowerment approach to social service management and how I will apply these principles to the developmental processes at Children on the mend. An empowerment approach is very important for any organization including Children on the mend. It puts good structure into any organization it also makes sure that all clients get the proper care that each one of them deserve. By the end of my paper you will have a clear understanding about the empowerment approach and how it works in the human service field.
Hardin et al. (2007). States that an” empowering approach” to social service management is characterized by twelve basic principles. By using the empowering approach it makes sure that all clients are treated with respect in an empowering way. Empowerment is used in so many different ways, but it does help the client with their self- esteem along with making their day better. Empowerment helps the client with strengths and weaknesses. Here are the twelve basic principles In order 1. Empowerment- oriented organization creates formal structures to support the participation of clients in organizational decision- making. 2. Empowerment- oriented organization create partnership with program beneficiaries in which all parties are equal participants, 3. The purpose of client involvement in service delivery to decrease personal feelings of power lessons and to improve the quality of along with access to services, 4. Empowerment- oriented organizations explicitly develop policies, programs, and procedures that can be used to bridge, cultural, ethnic, gender, and other demographic barriers to effective service delivery, 5. Empowerment- oriented organizations have top managers who are ideologically committed to the empowerment of both staff members and the program beneficiaries, 6. Empowerment- oriented organization engage in specific strategies to increase the psychological empowerment and motivation of workers, 7. Empowerment- oriented organizations promote the use of team building and collaboration among staff members, 8. Empowerment- oriented organizations encourage staff to advocate for improvement in services and policies, 9. Empowerment- oriented organizations management approaches can only produce effective outcomes when a consistent funding base is available to maintain the organizations, 10. Empowerment- oriented organization involve clients, community constituency groups, and staff members in ongoing evaluation of services and program renewal, 11. Empowerment – oriented organization act to increase their own political act to increase their own political power as well as the political influence of program beneficiaries, 12. Empowerment – oriented organization acknowledge the limitations of participatory management approaches and take proactive measures to balance inclusion in decision- making with tasks associated with organizational maintance ( Lewis, Lewis. Packard, 2012)
These principles that are listed will be used in my dream organization Children on the mend. This organization works with children who have problems in school and have been put out or neglected. The first empowerment approach states that the empowerment- oriented structure supports the client’s participation in their organization decision- making process. This principal means to provide a safe environment that helps to make the clients feel comfortable. In my organization we will allow families along with their children to discuss their concerns. Children along with the parents would be allowed to make important decisions and even give their feedback on what plan they will have. My clients would make a plan for their short and long term goals. Children are also able to express themselves and interact in activities. A decision-…