‘Empowerment’ and ‘Participation’ Have Become Widely Used Terms in the Field of Community & Youth Work. Discuss Your Understanding of the Varied Meanings Attached to These Terms and How These Might Inform Your Practice’ Essay

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Looking at the two words empowerment and participations, it can touch many different aspects within the youth and the community work profession. Firstly, it is seen that their are many areas of the community that need to be empowered. Empowerment has not one definition but it means many different things to different people and organisations. The Youth Justice Board (n.d) is seen to indentify empowerment within the youth work practise to be giving the power and courage to young people to be involved and have there say. Whereby giving young people the opportunity to be more engaged in activities by doing there best. Which then links in to participation, which is another concept or a ‘buzz word’ that is used within a community setting. Just …show more content…
Being a role model helps young people to be encouraged to learn and create an identity for themselves, through the help of the youth workers. As empowerment brings people and communities together it helps towards therefore it can bring an understanding between peers around them. including every individual within the community. This then helps the youth work practice, as there will be a unity within the neighbourhood. In essence, benefiting young people and youth workers, by encouraging individuals to work together as a team.
Empowerment has a big involvement within youth work as it brings equality within young people. Therefore creating a ‘togetherness’ within society, which is relevant in today’s society. As youth and community workers it is essential that empowerment should bring power to young people, to help them aim higher and to create an atmosphere where they can achieve. Also it helps to understand
Next, to discuss is the understanding of participation. Participation is also a significant word within the community setting. It is seen as a process in which individuals take part in a session. Whereby engagement and involvement of individuals are essential within a community setting (People and participation, n.d). Therefore participation within a group is very important for the involvement of individuals. Hart (1992) suggested that participation is involvement of individuals that come together to share decisions that help