En1320 Unit 9 Final Project

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Jasmine McLamb
Personal Project
November 9, 2015 Word Count: 1836 words
Crime Scene Investigators
My project is on standardizing training to assist crime scene investigators in collecting, preserving, tagging, documenting, and analyzing evidence collected at a crime scene. My final product is a CSI show on the training process.
To make my product global, I researched ways crime scene investigators train all over the world and the different tools used to compare it to our local investigators.
“Crime scene investigators, unlike forensic scientists who conduct tests on physical evidence within a forensic laboratory, are the on-the-scene professionals who are called to the scene of a crime to ensure that all physical evidence is properly collected, preserved and documented according to a strict code of standards. These investigative professionals also ensure that all physical evidence is packaged and transported to a forensic laboratory.” "CSI Job Description." How to Become a Crime Scene
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By standardizing the training for the investigators we can ensure a certain process is being used throughout and that we have needed materials to help assist us. A lot of websites don’t mention that there is an exact level of education you need. I agree that crime scene investigators can study a related field but they all need to obtain the same level of education. I also believe that after college there should be a required class to ensure that the same information is being reached out. This would provide a smooth operation. Everything would be done to one accord. This is not something that only the US has to consider. Crime scene investigators throughout the world should be able to follow the same guidelines. This could be beneficial in a way that if someone comes from another country, transferring between jobs would be easy. They would already have all the qualifications and training