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Single parenting, in some ways, seems to be most prevalent in our society but does it take two-parents to really get the job done? Based on my discussions with my friends, they have experienced a different or abnormal lifestyle from me. Our discussions have yielded the conclusions that regardless of how many parents exist in the home, everyone will benefit. When people think of a single or two parent home (intact family), they usually can list and identify many similarities and differences. As a single parent, it is very important to spend time with children. In a single parent home, a child may feel neglected because the child does not have full support. For instance, if this child is five years of age or younger with a parent working full time, it is difficult to give affection due to mandatory obligations of the parent. Of course, children cherish the one on one time with their parent, and it could be to their advantage by receiving the necessary attention. Truly, single parents do not have to show they care in a huge or grand gesture. Children appreciate the little things that their parents do for them. Typically, parents of the same gender can relate to their child from their own childhood experiences. A single parent can often teach and guide them in the way to grow. However, if a mother has custody of a young boy, she may not know the particulars about what her son is experiencing as far as buying clothes and puberty. Therefore, the mother must find a way to correlate possibilities, such as an uncle or godfather to be a male figure in his life. For the most part, a parent is the key to understanding their child, but an outsider both men and women are able to help enhance and increase their self esteem and knowledge in the world. At the same time, a single parent can have an immense responsibility with finances. Though in many homes there are hardships, a lone parent realizes the sacrifices that have to be made. Single parents may not meet every need and want because of a fixed income. In other words, if a parent cannot survive off of one salary, a second job is needed and ends must be met with every expense. Nonetheless, a single parent having a child requires less and can be more manageable. Even through struggling, it does not change how the single parent makes the child’s life promising with love. Conversely, a two parent home can see their children at different stages of their lives in order to see how they are developing and learning. Living in an intact home, children get every aspect of time they need with their parent by them both physically being there. The village you are raised in with both parents, it has a positive impact on that child, and their perspective on things as a whole. Spending time with children, given by