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Lauren Lockard
ENC 1101
Professor Reid
Timed Writing #2
July 16, 2015
Self-Assessment of ENC 1101 Summer Class
While looking through my degree audit, ENC 1101 is a requirement to earn my AS in Early Childhood. I decided to take the ENC 1101 class over the summer, as I thought that it would be fairly simple and a quick class and to get it out of the way. I came to the realization that the class was not as simple as I had thought it would be and I would need to put more thought and effort into it. Though I look back through assignments and I get pretty proud of the grades I had made because of the effort I put into it, yet at the same time I get disappointed in myself because there were assignments that I could have done better on, or been better at managing my time with and turning them in. In this class, with the help of Ms. Reid and the SmartThinking tutors, I have learned where my weaknesses and strengths are in my writing and in my day to day life.
Writing papers has always been something I have enjoyed doing. All through my school years I had always excelled in writing. This class showed me the things I needed in order to become a better writer. I had never really thought much about the thesis being the main idea of the topic that was being written about, I was just always given a topic and was told to write about it. Though I was told the same thing with my assignments, I had to actually base my papers on a strong thesis and support my thesis. I learned very quickly through my SmartThinking tutors that I did very well at coming up with a thesis and developing ideas. Learning how to word things in my papers was always another thing that I had excelled in when writing. Between developing ideas to support my thesis, I found ways to word statements and ideas to fit the thesis, yet make my reader think about what was said. When being given the assignments to complete on the ELOL, I was very excited. I had always done well with grammar, punctuation and sentence structures. Well, throughout the many exercises, I learned that I needed to work on those skills a bit better.
When submitting my papers to SmartThinking, I always felt pretty confident. My confidence would come crashing down once I received the feedback from my tutor. Thanks to my tutors, I learned that one of my weaknesses is constructive criticism, even if they were just giving advice or showing me a better way to write a sentence of phrase, I did not like it. This was a huge hit for me since I am planning on one day owning my own daycare center and will definitely have to deal with criticism as my life goes on. Along with criticism being a weakness, I learned that I would make an assignment more stressful than it really was. My paper on Advertising and Alcohol should’ve been