Enculturation In The Lottery Movie

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) What is enculturation?

Enculturation is the process whereby individuals learn their group's culture through experience, observation, and instruction. For example, in the movie the process of the lottery has been written into law by the town. Mr. Warner represented the fact that the lottery had been around for 77 years. He indicated that he has been in 77 lottery drawings during his life.
2) In what ways does "The Lottery" exemplify the process of enculturation?
The Lottery exemplify for the process of enculturation as it is drawn on the 27th day of each month. Mr. Warner represented the fact that the lotter had been around for 77 years. He indicated that he has taken part in 77 lottery drawings during his life time. The lottery had established a set of group, cultural, and social norms which allowed it to have value in the community. For example, one of the men made mention of the town
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In viewing the movie, my first thoughts were this is wrong. No one should have to pull a ticket to find out if they are going to live another month. I was really taken back when I saw children were made to be a part of such a brutal process. I watched as Mr. Hutchins was willing to sacrifice his own children or members of his family. It was sad to see that the children were being groomed to believe in the lottery process. Then my mind went to Mr. Warner who represented the history and enculturation of the lottery. This has been with this town for at least 77 years. His outburst and disgust of the mere thought of the lottery going away was very intense. He also believed that if the lottery did not take place then they would not have good corn to eat off. He believed they would be cursed to eat chickweed and acorns. As reflect on this, I would find it hard to persuade Mr. Warner to give up his beliefs and values that are imbedded in