End of French and Indian war Essay example

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End of the French and Indian war
The end of the French and Indian war was a crucial point in colonial American history, due to the events that occurred. February 10th The treaty of Paris, April, 1763, Pontiac’s Rebellion, and the proclamation of 1763. These events influence colonial history by drastically changing the structure of the American colonies. Great Britain was had dominance over both French and Spain claims, they generally had won over the new world. February 10th, 1763 The Treaty of Paris was an agreement that formally ended the seven year war, signed by Great Britain, France, and Spain. This in turn gave Great Britain total control over the new world, now Great Britain could take all the spoils of the victory. Which were most of the colonies in North America. This gave Great Britain access to vary crucial ports and trading post that would later just enhance their rule over the new world. This directly influenced the colonial America because the rule of North America was now controlled by one super power and the customs in the French and Spanish colonies would have to adapt a become accustomed to the ways of Great Britain. April, 1763 Pontiac's Rebellion, chief of the Ottawa tribe, Pontiac, united a variety of other tribes to rise up against British soldiers and settlers in an effort to push them out of the area. Most of these tribe come from the Great Lakes region, the Illinois Country, and Ohio Country. The reason why Pontiac launched this rebellion was due to the dissatisfaction with British’s postwar policies in their areas. During this rebellion hundreds of settlers were killed and a small number of forts were destroyed. All this uprising and rebellious actions came to a halt due to British confrontations, this led Britain to change its policies. This was very influential to the colonies because the rebellion among other things further pushed Great Britain to organize their colonies and enhance the relationship with the natives of North America. October 7th, 1763, The Royal Proclamation Of 1763, was signed by King George III following seven year war and Pontiac’s rebellion. The purpose of the proclamation was to organize their new found empire and alleviate relations with the native of North America. The proclamation establish a government for the ceded French and Spanish colonies; while also regulating colonial expansion. The proclamation also separated some land for the…