Essay on End of Men

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Throughout history women have come across, as the under dogs, the mistreated and the under privileged. As the fight for women's rights became more and more prevalent, the role of an American man became more and more diminished. A woman today can go from the CEO, to a stay at home mom in a matter of minutes. The opportunities for women are endless, they can become anyone they want and no one will try to stop them. With the rise of women comes the end of men. Are men needed in society? What is their role? Men used to stand at the head of the household, the family provider, more and more we are seeing working women taking control of almost everything. Though this is a feat for women, the male gender is suffering. With women in the spotlight, where do men belong? Women don’t even need a man to have a child anymore, they can conceive and raise the child on all their own. They don’t need a man to provide for the family, because women are taking over the workplace every day. Now that I have stated the problem, let me tell you the effects. Men are unmotivated and have unfortunately become lazy as a result. They have no reason to try and progress when I women will just set in front of him and take over, this is true in gaining a career, and in everyday home life. Men would rather stay at home and take care of the kids, while their wife is earning the master’s degree and brining home all the bacon. Along with The End of Men, Time magazine published an article stating a similar theory
“It’s the end of men because men are failing in schools and women are succeeding. In nearly every country, on all but one continent, women are getting 60 percent of college degrees, which is what you need to succeed these days. Many boys start falling behind as early as first grade, and they fail to catch up. Many men, meanwhile, still see school as a waste of time, a girl thing.” Reading this article concreted this women’s claim. It’s not just one woman on a soapbox, this is a real issue in society. With the end of men comes the rise of depression. The lack of purpose and motivation many men are dealing with, transpires into millions of men suffering with depression. Without a role in society, what do you have to live for? To work…