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End of Semester Paper Topic and Guidelines

Guidelines: Please be sure to read over the guide before composing your essay.

All papers must be submitted through Safe Assign, no exceptions.

Papers must be written in MLA format.

Papers should be no less than 4 FULL pages for full credit.

You must properly cite all sources that you use. This includes in text citation and a works cited page. Please use reliable sources. No Wikipedia.

You are required to provide 4 sources for this paper, at least 2 need to be actual books or journal articles.

Paper Topic: Please be sure to address all of the points and or questions provided in the topic throughout your paper.

Social Conscience Film
“The late twentieth century was a golden age of cinematic creativity, an era in which the film medium reach a new level of social influence, its impact so great as to shape public opinion”(Fiero 143). The above quote concisely describes the reason behind your final paper topic. Film in and of itself, is one of the twentieth century’s most captivating art forms, but what about film with a specific purpose? Social conscience films were created from a very early point in the twentieth century and continue to be made today, for this paper students are required to write an analysis on one Social Conscience Film from the 20th century.

A few rules/guide when picking a film:

Okay –Films created during the 20th Century
Full length feature films, short documentaries, and films made for TV.
Film choice can be from any region of the globe.

Not Okay – Films created during the 21st century (after 1999).
TV shows, TV cartoons etc.

Okay –Please try to actually surprise me! Pick a film that you’ve never heard of, who knows, we may just learn something awesome together.

In your research and subsequent paper please address the following topics/questions.

During what time period during the 20th century was the film made? i.e. early 1900’s or maybe the 1960’s. Who is the director, the production company and the main actors in the film (or people, if it’s a documentary).

What about this film makes it a Social Conscience film? What social issue(s) does it address either directly or indirectly? Is it a fictional story about the issue, or perhaps a film based on true events?

Write a BRIEF summery of the film’s plot/story. Do NOT make this the brunt of your