End of the tunnel Essay

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10 years ago on the planet Sertan there was a war, and this wasn’t one where the good guys won the day either. There was a group of people who protected the planet from outside threats and internal threats. They were called the Guardians, over time a group of Sertans developed special abilities to protect the planet and its people, this group lasted several generations until one day a group arose from within calling themselves Jaegers who believed they were meant to rule over the planet. They thought themselves better then everyone, unfortunately that’s was only the beginning. The Jaegers were fewer in number but had some of the strongest Guardians; they then allied themselves with an alien race, called the Gladonians from the planet Gladon, which had conquered many different worlds. Knowing their numbers weren’t enough to win against the Guardians but still craving power made a deal with the Gladonians to stop fighting against them and work with them on the condition that the Jaegers ruled the planet with a Gladonian army and in the Gladonian ring of planets they ruled over. The Guardians didn’t even see it coming they realized very quickly they had no hope at winning when they were blindsided and divided so while some tried to hold off the Jaegers and Gladonians the rest began trying to locate and flee with the next generation, the sons and daughters of Guardians. The kids weren’t all at the same spot and the Guardians didn’t have time to argue so they were assigned areas and to get who they could and flee and go into hiding and train and wait for the kids to mature. Most Guardians didn’t have time to worry about their own kids most didn’t find theirs but others so they just had to hope they were safe. It is unknown how many of the former Guardians and how many of the children remain. The time for them to fight back and take their home back is fast approaching……

Chapter 1
Present day

Matt Steele was 8 when the war started; he was at his house playing and Lashonda Harvey, the mother of his childhood best friend Gabriel Harvey had rescued him from the closet he was hiding in. She’d secretly hoped Gabe’s father had brought him there but unfortunately he wasn’t. She’d raised Matt for 10 years, the last 5 years in a smaller city they lived on the outskirts of the city in the woods, he’d still gone to school because she believed he needed to understand the people of the world and he needed to have an education. Matt, like most of the new generation would have, was considerably stronger, faster, and more agile than normal Sertans, they were usually born with it where as their abilities would develop later in life around 13 or 14. Matt was a late bloomer so to speak he had the speed, agility, and strength like a Guardian before they developed powers, although most times their physiques didn’t reflect their true strength but they had muscles and an athletic physique. So when he wasn’t at school he and Lashonda trained, he had learned many different martial arts and weapons skill he was proficient in most weaponry but he favored swords, two of them to be exact, they are called wakizashi. Both of his dual blades were one sided, the blades were made of the strongest metal on the planet, the blades were both 2 feet long, not particularly long but Matt was an expert with them. In the world that exists after the war it had become you need to be strong to survive, so many people carried weapons, though no one dared attack the Gladonians that had proved ineffective in the early years. So no one paid much attention to Matt as he walked towards school for his last day, he was wearing a dark red jacket with forest green design, if you knew what you were looking for you’d notice his jacket had bullet proof plating, and the hood up along with his swords on his back doing his best not to attract attention just like he’d done for years. He kept his head down as he walked up the steps to the