Endangered Languages Essay

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“Endangered languages should be saved”
Many languages are at the danger of disappearance. The reason of their extinction could be the decrease in a number of people speaking that language. A 85% of 6000 languages appear to be spoken in 25 countries (NOW 2000). Language extinction is caused by external and internal factors. Internal forces such as community’s negative behaviour to mother language, or simply decrease in the number of speakers are mainly derived from factors such as military, economic, religious and cultural issues (Brenzinger, Graaf). Many people claim that administration ought to support endangered languages by funding programmes that are dedicated to preserve these languages. But some argue that saving languages at
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The disappearance of a language leads to death of the nation. Language is called dead when there is no longer speakers of that language exist. Experience accumulated through the centuries, skills that are passed from father to son and value that made up from the synergy that was created among native speaker all of these could be buried with the last speaker of any endangered language. Human being can loss its valuable attribute (language) as did with endangered animals. These are things that cannot be bought with money afterwards.
Fair treatment to every citizen could be another reason of saving and supporting endangered languages. At the peak of the civilization countries should take care of their citizens rights and support their freedom and ethnical identity. Because every citizen is the member of a community, pays taxes and contributes to the wellbeing and safety of his home country. Therefore government should pursue the objective of sustainable development treating all ethnical minorities’ languages fairly and providing necessary conditions such as funding schools, supporting political views and providing opportunities to speakers of a particular language.
In conclusion I want to add that if the society is in a pursue of the short term goals such as being efficient by cutting costs, make life a bit easier by shrinking the number of language that society certainly should consider improving only dominant language and diminish the usage of