Ender's Game Essay

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People come and go, but none the less these two kids might have made a great impact on Ender and made him who he is. Wiggin family, with three children. Peter, full of hate and angry. Valentine, with a kind and pure soul. Ender, right in between the brother and sister, smarter than both of them. Bean, one of Ender’s closest friends in the battle school.

Valentine, being as the only girl in this family could be hard sometimes when theres two brothers fighting all the time. Peter threatening to kill Ender and she does all she can to protect Ender before he was shipped off the battle school. She is kind hearted, extremely compassionate. She might be a good leader of for the war but because she’s too much of a girl so she wasn’t chosen for battle school.None of the ruthlessness that would enable her to win victories in brutal battles. Val is of course an Angel, helping Ender to make the right decisions. Except she was the one who convinced Ender to keep learning and fighting to help wipe out the buggers under Graff’s control, and Ender followed because he wants to fight for his sister. On the other hand, no matter how perfect a person can be, there’s always this tiny bit of darkness in them. Val starts to influences public opinions though her gerona Demosthenes (385-322 B.C.), an Athenian politician most notable for really strongly opposing Macedonia. A warmonger, the one who calls for war between the countries. This is a person who is very different from Val her self but whose personality begins to grow on her.

Bean, another version of Ender but smaller and has big ego which is just a little bit different from Ender. None the less he is still no…