Ender Wiggin Character Analysis

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Ender Wiggin, the third in a family of child geniuses
“The teacher would know of course, that he wasn’t paying attention, but she wouldn't bother him.He always knew the answer even when she thought he wasn't paying attention.”(Card 5) this evidence tells you the Ender is intelligent because the teacher doesn't care when he is not paying attention if it were any other kid she would probably be mad.
Ender fears teasing from other kids now that he has no monitor because no one to defend him,the authorities now have no control over what happens he has just lost his only sense of protection.
Ender “forestall the vengeance” of Stilson and his gang by attacking stilton when he was still on the ground.Now people will know that he is a force to be
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Having his monitor removed means that Ender is destined for greater things than Peter. Peter's reaction is, of course, violent. Peter pushes Ender down and presses on his groin with his foot, and then he kneels on Ender and threatens to kill him.

Valentine is comforting him over the loss of his monitor, although Ender does not seem to care.
The primary purpose of the fight scene between Ender and his older brother Peter in chapter two, is to reveal the character of Peter, and to show the stark contrast between his character and Ender's character. Peter is, at his core, evil and power-hungry, and therefore manipulative. You could say that valentine was a negotiator/peacemaker she was definitely very mature as well,she felt sorry towards Ender. “I’m sorry,Ender’.Valentine whispered.She was looking at the bandaid on his neck”(Card 10)
Enders father made him feel like he was a mistake and he was not wanted and Ender felt inconvenient and embarrassed in a way because ha was a "third"
The I F officer came to enders home because of why he beat Stimson."It isn't what he did Mrs.Wiggins it's why."(Card 19)
Graff concludes the Ender is the one because of his motivation he had while beating stillson and needed to know what the action was