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Ender’s Game
Commandant’s Reading List – Primary Enlisted

The struggles between a young warrior and all the forms of conflict are a perpetual struggle and challenge that if met, can develop the warrior’s skills, knowledge, and experience beyond expectations. However, should the challenged fail to overcome the obstacles and tests, there may be more lost than just an opportunity at success. In Ender’s Game, the main character, Ender Wiggin, undergoes intense and nearly implausible trials to enhance his capabilities in any combat situation. The training is overwhelming, the tests are merciless, and the stakes are high. How Ender conducts himself as a soldier, a follower, and a leader affect his own future and growth, and the future and growth of everyone around him. In the futuristic novel, Ender’s Game, Ender Wiggin is unique child because he is the third born child in a society that limits family’s to two children. The intention is that he will be the ideal balance of his two older siblings’ personalities and strengths needed to be a soldier and leader. Early in the story, he’s confronted and assaulted by a group of hostile peers with the intention to hurt Ender. He resists and is able to defend himself, but unintentionally and unknowingly kills the leader of the gang, Stilson. His rationality is that he didn’t want to win the fight. He wanted to destroy his adversary’s will to ever fight again. When he returns home, he is met by Colonel Graff who is in charge of Battle School and intends to recruit Ender. On the shuttle journey from Earth to the station where the training is conducted, Ender once more finds himself being singled out by Colonel Graff which leads to the beginning of social isolation and being targeted. After another scuffle with another student, he lands on the space station is quickly thrust into the spotlight as being unique, smart, and gifted. In his initial platoon, Ender and his fellow “Launchies” undergo preliminary training about becoming a soldier and learn how to move in zero gravity. Over time, Ender learns that if he doesn’t want to be targeted or lonely, he must show his merit and the advantages of his alliance. Soon after, Ender is transferred to a new platoon, Salamander Army. While the commander of Salamander, Bonzo, immediately disregards Ender and proclaims his hatred for him, Petra, a skilled young student teaches Ender how to shoot in zero gravity for Battle School’s combat games. After learning his basic skills in the game and gaining limited experience, he’s transferred to Rat Army and befriends Dink Meeker who simplifies the School for Ender. Meanwhile, Ender’s two older siblings, Peter and Valentine have begun to move up in the world as two children by providing political opinions and influencing general public sentiment regarding the imminent conflicts on the planet and in space. Ultimately, they’re using underlying hatreds and political friction to force a planetary war. Ender continues to excel as a soldier and leader which results in him being given command of a retired and supposedly cursed platoon, Dragon Army. It has early success, but begins to encounter unfair odds and rule changes that put Ender and his platoon under incredible stress mentally and physically. Eventually, in a completely unfair and unprecedented battle, Dragon Army is led to victory over Ender’s rival and former commander, Bonzo, who seeks revenge on Ender immediately after by fighting in the shower; a fight that Ender wins in a similar manner that he won at the beginning of the novel. After this, Ender is taken to Command School by Colonel Graff where he meets Mazer Rackham. Mazer was the hero of the last “Bugger” invasion and personally tutors Ender on everything he has learned and experienced to make Ender the commander he is needed to be. Soon, he is introduced to a new computer simulation that utilizes all of Ender’s oldest friends and allies as his subordinate commanders. These simulations begin