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Enders Game 03/14/2013

Enders game is a military novel of fiction. Set in the future no far off, It’s set in a situation of two competing species us against them. Them being the “buggers” seemingly similar to ants the alien species is the enemy. In preparation for the third invasion they gather the worlds most gifted children from around the world. The international fleet taking these superior children to a space station. Where they start training as the world’s retaliation force for the third invasion. These children all being very young are sent to the battle station where upon arrival they begin; the long hard training of the international fleet. Where the teachers train them in the art of war though increasingly difficult games including the ones undertaken in zero gravity in the battle room. Through this Ender the main protagonist, has both triumphs and losses; many more triumphs then losses but it’s threw following him that we recognize that he is a tactical genius. When he plays the game he can’t help but be the best. After the battle school ender is promoted and sent too command school where he comes face to face to the old war hero Mazer Racham. Who is now enders new teacher and mentor Alongside other rigorous training, Mazer tests Ender with a war simulator, pitting virtual IF fleets under Ender's control against Formic fleets controlled by Mazer. Ender adapts to the game and, as the simulations become harder, Ender is given sub-commanders, members of his jeesh, to work alongside him.