Ender's Game Analysis

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A person can be forced into conformity by family, friends, or society in general which forces them to be and act as other people wish. Card involves the issue of conformity many times in the book Ender’s Game, although conformity can occur in many ways Card tends to use dialect and conflict to suggest conformity in the story. Although these are the main ways Card uses to show conformity in Ender’s Game, there are many other ways Card also uses. Card uses Ender as the main person that has to deal with conformity, he wants his brother’s love, he believes he is becoming a person he does not want to be, and he tries to be the person the adults want him to be.

One example of dialect with conformity is “And Peter won’t hate me anymore. I’ll come home and show him that the monitor’s gone, and he’ll see that I didn’t make it, either” (Card 2). Ender just wants the love of his brother, like any
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I have to win this now, and for all time, or I’ll fight it every day and it will get worse and wore” is an example of conflict that Ender faces (7). Ender has to fight Stilson even though he does not want to, because it is the only way to get him to stop. “Ender did not look at Bernard. It was Bonzo who hungered for his death, even though he was silent” is an example of the same conflict that Ender has to face agin(208). Both times Ender is forced to fight someone to get them to leave him and show he is not weak. Even though he does not want to fight and become like Peter, both times he does not know but Stilson and Bonzo both die.

So in general, there is a lot of conformity in Ender’s Game that is shown using dialect and conflict. Ender deals with conformity in many ways even in some ways he is not aware of. Although Ender is the main person to deal with conformity he is definitely not the only character to deal with conformity. This shows that conformity is something that anyone can deal with and in many different