Ender's Game Argumentative Essay

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The best thing to do during survival is to use what you know and do what you do best. In Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card, Ender Wiggin was a third and has been bullied all his life because of it. His own family doesn’t want him around because of it, so they send him to Battle School where much people don’t like him there either. He has been to many armies and he has had good training and made a couple friends. Ender has survived by his strategies and self defense
At Battle School the soldiers have to play games and they have to listen to their commander but Ender doesn't listen to his commander he does his own strategy. His commander told him to wait and fire but Ender went out there and fired, “Ender aimed carefully with a straight arm….. Before anyone knew what was happening, he froze three soldiers”(Card 94). If it wasn't for Ender they would have lost
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For example a kid bigger than him named Stilson always bullied him for being a third. They stopped him and started harassing him and touched him, “ Ender kicked out high and hard, catching Stilson square in the breastbone”(Card 7). In the end Stilson and his buddies don't bully Ender anymore because Ender finally fought back. Another time when he was bullied is when they were heading to Battle School and the kid kept messing with him and calling him names behind him. “...snatched the boy by the wrist and then pulled down on the arm hard”(Card 33). Ender got tired of the bullying and broke his arm and he didn't get in trouble because the kid started it. Ender has survived by using his traits because he is smart and a tough kid. His strategies help him with games and get out of tough situations and his self defense lets people know that he doesn't tolerate anything and he doesn't like getting picked on. This means that Ender is going to get stronger and smarter during the years and he's going to become a