Ender's Game Movie Vs Book Essay

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Ender's Game
Imagine a situation as if you were put in a small dark box and you are trying to escape, but no one is willing to help you. This was the exact situation that Ender was placed in. The book and the movie Ender's Game are about a boy, Ender, who was “born” to save the world. Ender is isolated throughout his life to make him mentally strong. At the end he destroys the whole alien race and saves the world. While the book and the movie have a similar story, the book is much better than the movie because the book tells the story with more depth. There are many crucial elements in Enders Game that are needed for the story to be good. One theme that is important in the story is that the end justifies the means. This is in Ender’s fight with Stilson. It's okay if Ender killed Stilson as long as he had a good reason that he wanted to end the future bullying. This theme is also seen when Ender wipes out the whole Bugger species. Everyone thought that it was good he did that because he saved the human race. Another important theme in Ender’s story is that it's a game. There are many games that Ender plays throughout the story and they all impact his life in some way. The first game Ender plays is Buggers and Astronauts with Peter, this makes Ender realize how much Peter hates him. Then at the Battle school, he plays the mind game and has the battles. Both of these show Ender that he can be brutal and win anything. The last game he plays is the simulation, which Ender eventually realizes
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While they both tell the same story, the book goes a lot more in depth and this helps the reader to connect to Ender. The movie also took out many important part of Ender’s journey and that disconnects the viewer from Ender’s character. The details that the book includes of Ender's journey make the book a lot more interesting than the movie. All of these facts together make the book better and more interesting than the