Endocrine Disruptors Are A Type Of Toxicant

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BIOLOGY 103 – Environmental Sciencei9
Instructor, T. R. Embich
Chapter 10 [WB- 3e] Assignment
Environmental Health & Toxicology
(25 points)

1. (5) Endocrine disruptors are a type of toxicant. Briefly explain how an endocrine disruptor causes damage to the human immune system.

Endocrine disruptors are a toxicant that interferes with the endocrine (hormone) system. Endocrine disruptors can cause damages to the human immune system because it has the possibility to secrete hormones directly into the lymph and blood, causing reproduction problems and mutations. This has been the case for many alligators in Lake Apopka, Florida. Alligators and humans share many of the same hormones, therefore if chemical contaminants are affecting other species with similar immune systems as humans, we are susceptible to the same contaminants just by drinking the water.

2. (5) What four (4) types of environmental health hazards do we face that are of concern to environmental health practioners? Give an example, not the definition, of each type.

1. Physical Hazard; ex. sun’s ultraviolet radiations, excessive exposure increases the risk of skin cancer;
2. Chemical Hazard; ex. household chemical products, which could be pesticides that some, apply to lawns;
3. Biological Hazard; ex. mosquitoes which can carry certain pathogenic microbes, including those cause malaria;
4. Cultural Hazard; ex. diet, causing individuals to become overweight, and in some cases can lead to heart disease.

3. (5) List five (5) of the 6 types of toxicants (effects on health) described in chapter 10; and list an example, not the definition, of each type beside the category.

1. carcinogens; ex. asbestos, which can cause cancer;
2. mutagens; ex. Ionizing radiation, which can lead to cancer and other disorders, including offspring;
3. teratogens ex. thalidomide, a sleeping pill giving to pregnant women during the 1950s and it caused birth defects;
4. neurotoxins; ex. lead, if eaten can cause loss of muscle control;
5. allergens;ex. dust mites, in some cases can cause asthma.

4. (5) Briefly define the processes of bioaccumulation and biomagnification.