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Enduring Vision Ch 1 & 2
Use your knowledge of U.S. History to answer the following questions. Put your answer on the answer sheet. Save the answer sheet as your name, type your name on it, and email to me in 1 week.

____ 1. Which of the following is not one of the theories about how America was originally settled? 1-3
|a. |Siberian hunters crossed from Asia to North American during the last ice age. |
|b. |Europeans sailed across the Atlantic in leather boats during the pre-Christian era. |
|c. |Hunters from Asia dispersed themselves over much of North America.
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Which of the following generalizations about Native American cultures is true? 14
|a. |Almost all the societies were the same in terms of political and social structure, religious beliefs, and basic contributions. |
|b. |No society had much in common with any other society. |
|c. |Most Native American cultures were characterized by a kinship reciprocity and communal ownership of resources. |
|d. |Because of their relationship to the environment, native Americans had evolved into careful conservationists. |
|e. |Only native cultures in the Eastern Woodlands developed the bow and arrow and used ceramic pottery. |

____ 10. At the time of Columbus's arrival in the Western Hemisphere, where were the greatest concentrations of Native Americans?
|a. |In the Great Basin of North America |
|b. |In Mexico and South America |
|c. |In Canada and New England |
|d. |In Peru and the Pacific Northwest |
|e. |In the Caribbean islands |

____ 11. Which of the following would not have been a responsibility of women in northeastern Native American tribes like the