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An Enemy of the People
Hendrik Isben
Major- Doctor Thomas Stockmann - A medical doctor also the medical officer of the town baths and the brother of the mayor who got him his job at the baths.
Mrs. Katherine Stockmann - Dr. Stockmann's wife is devoted and often encourages her husband to think of his family. Morten Kiil is her adoptive father.
Major- Petra Stockmann - The daughter of Thomas and Katherine she is a hard working teacher. She is frustrated that the law requires her to teach things she doesn't believe in.
Major- Peter Stockmann - Peter is Dr. Stockmann's brother he is also chairman of the baths committee he is a careful but sometimes cruel politician.
Hovstad - Hovstad is editor of The People's Herald although somewhat corrupt.
CapMorten Kiil - Kiil owns several of the tanneries that Dr. Stockmann associates in his water pollution report he is the adoptive father of Mrs. Stockmann.
Setting- A coastal town in southern Norway, southerly, tourist attraction
Conflict- The Mayor brings bad news. The Doctor swears to persevere. Complications- The Doctor is betrayed. Climax- The Doctor gives all of society a piece of his mind. Suspense- The last temptations of Dr. Stockmann. Resolution- Dr. Stockmann vows to reeducate the world.
Wealth- All of the characters in the play are controlled or influenced by wealth or the lack of it. Isben uses to compare real life society and how most of the world’s population is driven to be wealthier. Politics- Which is mostly what this play is about. Isben uses the politic turf wars as a way to show how people