Energy and Mcwane Piping Company Essay

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Kevan Peters

A dangerous Business

The McWane piping company not only endangered the lives of thousands of worker but injured and even killed some of there workers all to save a few dollars. McWane set up a business structure that was based on one thing, “ profit per man hour” the company pushed its workers to there limit forcing them to work longer shifts with fewer breaks. Theses worse hours forced workers in to defecating in there own clothing because they were forbidden form using the bathroom. Along with working longer the employees had more responsibilities this led to more worker stress and fatigue. This complete lack of regard for its employees and the unsafe machines that lined that factory floors that did not have safety measure meant that many serious incidents occurred. It became so bad that maintence crews would have to work on massive factory machines at the machines kept running or even worse the machines would start, as the men would be working on them.

A defense that McWane may use is that we live in a market that demands USA produced piping that McWane can only produce in these working conditions. The can exspailan that the workers are not forced to work for them and that they can quit whenever they want. Although their excuses are small they were still big justification for the upper management of the company.

O.S.H.A (Occupations Safety and Health Administration) is an organization that specializes in theses issues. They are responsible for incepting and certifying the safety of the work places like McWane. O.S.H.A came across countless violations that McWane committed