Energy and Potential Energy Essay

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1. Acceleration: change in velocity depending on each time interval
2. Average speed: distance travelled in a specific amount of time
3. Chemical potential energy: stored energy.
4. Chemical energy: potential energy stored in chemical bonds or compounds
5. Displacement: vector quantity that measure change in distance, direction or position of an object.
6. Distance travelled: scalar quantity that measure how far and object has moved.
7. Efficiency: ratio of how useful work output to the total work input.
8. Elastic potential energy: energy stored in an object that has it shape changed by stretching.
9. Electrical energy: work done by moving charges.
10. Energy: ability to do work.
11. Energy conversion: converting energy.
12. First law of thermodynamics: the total energy including heat in a system and its surrounding remains constant.
13. Force: push or bull applied to an object.
14. Fuel cell: a cell producing an electric current direct from a chemical reaction.
15. Gravitational potential energy: energy of an object because of its position above the surface of earth .
16. Heat- energy transferred from an object of higher temperature to one at a lower temperature.
17. Heat Engine: device that converts heat into mechanical energy.
18. Heat input: the heat derived from combustion of fuel in a steam generating unit.
19. Heat output: The typical maximum heat output of an appliance usually quoted in Kilowatts per hour..
20. Internal combustion. engine: device which energy is released by burning a fuel inside the engine.
21. Joule: a measurement unit use to measure energy.
22. Kinetic energy: energy of a moving object.
23. Law of conservation of energy: energy cannot be created nor destroyed.
24. Matter: something that occupies space.
25. Mechanical energy: energy due to motion and energy of an object.
26. Motion: the changing in position of an object.
27. Nuclear Energy: potential energy stored in a nucleus of an atom.
28. Percent Efficiency: tell us