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English 100 (30) Research Paper Winter 2015/ Cabrita

In a persuasive 5 paragraph essay, argue one of the following topics in a clean, typed research paper (1000-1200 words) (use 3 supporting points):

a) Argue the value of people retaining their own ethnic heritage in Canada.
b) Multiculturalism has been successful in Canada.
c) Argue that more inclusiveness and acceptance of cultural differences is needed in Canada.
d) English language training and/or other services for immigrants in Canada: Is it effective?

1. Take a position. Be prepared to provide standard definitions for key terms. Provide persuasive arguments (based on rational appeals) in developing your topic.

2. Your paper must have a formal academic style. You must use and directly refer to at least 6 additional sources in your paper (not including any in the text—but you must also refer to Bissoondath and/or Kymlicka at least once). Total=7 minimum. Anything else is extra.

3. You must use a variety of sources (3 different media): Minimum two of each: Database material, printed materials, and Internet. (I will consider E-books printed material.). Wiki-sites, Google Reader, blogs, etc. are not allowed.

4. Use in-text referencing in your paper (Research paper format RPF) to support your points. Keep quotations short –sentences (no paragraphs). You can paraphrase as well.

5. You must provide a Works Cited page. 20% of the mark for this paper will go to presentation and format (neatness, typed and double-spaced, page numbers, name on each page) and how well you use the