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The Effects of Foreign Language Skills Owning various types of skills is a high advantage when it comes to be a successful, to excel and to be a competitive. Knowing a foreign language or languages is one of those skills that make the person more viable these days. It also helps to a person to be a more flexible when person is looking or applying for a job. In addition, a person who knows an additional language can multitask. For instance, while person is performing his or her profession person can also be a translator or an interpreter at the same time. On the other hand, the person who knows just one language won’t be able to do so. Therefore, having this type of intelligent skill may help the person to be a more productive in his or her career. Consequently, knowing a foreign language is becoming more of a requirement lately, rather than just a preference. As a globalization is growing rapidly these days, it is providing lots of chances to people to travel around the globe. In addition, globalization is giving opportunities for businesses in various fields to open their branches, locations in different continents as well. As a result, this process can create a vast amount of career opportunities for those individuals who have foreign language skills. Numerous American businesses have already opened branches in overseas’ countries. For instance, Chase Manhattan Bank and National City Bank are in need of personnel who have ability in speaking in French, German, Spanish, Italian and Russian since these businesses have branched out in those countries already (Caruso, 1996). Therefore, currently knowing a foreign language by the employees is becoming almost a requirement among the employers. “Today, workers who can combine their abilities in almost any field with an expertise in foreign language will have a “leg up” on the competition”, writes Andrea Caruso. Having foreign language knowledge is becoming very popular among the European countries as well. As immigration process is very intense between European countries, it is now highly encouraged to know another language among the immigrants besides their native language. Since, it can help immigrants to better understand the rules, laws of another country, receive social services and to find a job among the labor forces. In fact, approximately every fifth person in Europe happens to use a foreign language at their work place. Therefore, now it is becoming a very essential to learn at least two foreign languages at school for students within European countries. Since, it will help them in their future to choose where to work or live; as well as it can help the economy of European countries (Economic Bulletin, 2004). Impact of foreign language skills in national security is immeasurable. In fact, United States has been fighting against terror for over a decade now. In this situation American troops have been battling in