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Assignment Pressure Essay 2

College Pressures- Essay Two

Pressure is described in the Webster Mariam Dictionary as “the burden of physical or mental distress”. William Zinsser speaks about four kinds of pressures on college students today, economic, parental, peer, and self-induced. There is often a combination of these pressures affecting college students. It is not uncommon amongst college students to admit they are driven by modern technology, media, and their quest for the great job or in other words, money. I believe all college students at one time or another today can identify with all of the pressures Zinsser addresses some time during their years in school.

Today, largest pressure for me in college is the pressure I put on myself. Somehow I feel like I have to make up for all the years I was dedicated to other social activities rather than achieving a certain academic standard. I thought school was about, sports, friends, girls, and mischief. I wanted to do the school clubs and organizations like student government, choir, and band; l just never got involved with those activities. I played sports, football, baseball, golf. My first attempt at college was in1991. At this time the only difference was I played guitar. I would sit on the porch of the girl’s dorm with friends singing songs by C,S,N &Y. I spent some days playing 36 holes of golf. I met my good buddy from Kentucky named Jack Daniels too; he and I took a couple of windy walks. I would not say that I had any self-imposed pressure then. Today, I have set my academic responsibilities amongst the top priorities of my life. “A’s in all my classes” this phrase seems to constantly run through my head. Over the weekends I am constantly looking at the school web site to see where I am overall in my classes, to see what score I received on a test or studying during any free time. When I see my percentage in a class fall below 100%; anxiety strikes. I feel as if I am going to fall far behind, is there a possibility of recovering in the class? I try to be the student who is walking into the finals with a 100% in a class; I’m not interested in relying on my finals to determine my grade.

Be that as it may, I decided to join student government this time. This requires time that could be spent studying or completing other responsibilities. It is not the one hour meeting every week, but a combination of activities and committees you are appointed to. College students involved with committees, community clubs, college recreation, and other school extracurricular activities, find themselves burdened by self-imposed pressures of achieving good grades in college too. I study with some of those students.

Parental pressure is the least of my pressures today. There is no constant worry about my parents calling me questioning what I’m learning, and who I am associated with. Like I said, I having what is referred to as