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People Should Not be Held Accountable for their Government Action
It is not fair to criticize a nation for the actions have done by its government. Although government has arisen through a nation, by their voting, but it does not mean people should take responsibility for political corruptions have done by their government after election. Certainly, those people who are living in a dictatorship are suffering more oppression than other nations.
During the past years some people have discriminated and punished by other nations and governments without any crime and guilt. They criticized about the problems which were actually created by their government. For example Germans criticized for World War II, Africans for HIV virus or Iranians for breaking Nuclear energy regulations, ignoring what difficulties have those people suffered from their leadership.
Children are told World War II had started by Germans, despite the fact that Hitler’s animosity with Jews from his childhood time was the reason to start World War II. According to Gorge Stein In his book Hitler Great Live Observe “With all power concentrated in his own hand, Hitler now had the means to achieve his two principal goals: the destruction of the Jews and the acquisition of living spaces.”(13) Yes the real is that Germans were the first immolations of Hitler’s dictatorship. As George H.Stein mentioned in his book Hitler
The fundamental presupposition that shaped Hitler’s Weltanschauung was that life is a struggle in which the strong survive and the weak perish. For Hitler struggle was the eternal law of nature, the basic rule of existence, that at ones prevented universal decay and ensured further achievement. This prevented Darwinian view of life led Hitler to conclude that force and power were the sole determinants in the cosmic struggle for survival and greatness.(17) Any logical mind can realize how hard it is to live in a country with a leader Like Hitler. He was a person with a negative dominant mind as George said “All life , Hitler declared, in 1928 is bound up in three theses: Struggle is the father of all things, virtue lies in blood, leadership is primary and decisive.”( 30) In this brief statement Hitler expressed the descent of his dictatorship.
Every time that any speech about AIDS disease origin and its impacts exist people keep repeating HIV virus had distributed by Africans, ignoring the fact that what dangers such as hunger and poverty Africans are struggling with. According to Robert Guest “Another Obstacle to African prosperity is AIDS. Poverty speeds epidemic’s spread. Many Africans cannot afford antibiotics and so cannot cure other sexually transmitted diseases, which leaves them with open sores through which the virus can pass”.(p.57) So, who is in charge of this disaster? Just think about it. Those people are also sacrifices of their government selfishness. Thousands African’s die a year because of no access to medical helps which the government is supposed to provide for them. According to Robert Guest “ People who worry about AIDS in Africa do so because the disease threatens to kill more people than all the continent’s wars put together and multiplied by ten.”(p. 17) Other than their government who else is guilty? How many times did you hear that doctors from rich countries goes to Africa to help them free? Most of just think about their own profit and wants the world be safe for them. So’ let’s help Africa as our sisters and brothers by providing them money and low cost medical assistance instead of blaming them.
Another discrimination that may unintentionally occur against a nation are the rules which are made by governments against that particular people’s regime called sanctions. Sanctions are dangerous phenomenon for ordinary people’s life. The idea behind sanctions is to create economic pain that will force a government to change its behavior. But who will really harm? The most Contemporary example is the sanctions which