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1 Eveillard

David H Eveillard
English 101
Prof. Lieber
An Urban Homeless Life
Have you ever thought about everything just falling apart in your fabulous carefree life? Have you ever thought about sleeping, eating, drinking, & even worst living in the streets in the cold? Well, welcome to the everyday gruesome life of a homeless person. "Easy" is a mysterious indiscreet word that I'm sure they don't get to use too often. I've had countless encounters with homeless people and I was solicitous about their well­being with each one of them.
Not too long ago on a Sunday morning while ignoring my traditional routine, I decided to make a run to my local French bakery to acquire some fresh baked bread for a nutritional family breakfast. I swung my car into its usual parking spot as if on auto drive.
I opened my door on this unusually brisk morning to witness something that shook my comfy cozy surroundings. A mother and father were standing against a beaten­down car the color of an Olympic gold metal gone unpolished for quite some time. But what I saw, past the father's cardboard sign, was a gut wrenching sight of three children looking out of the car's open window. Although these children had uncombed hair, dirty faces and runny noses, they had mischievous grins like any other child in America. I carefully dissected the sign as if their lives depended on me; to grasp for any captivating words. I

2 Eveillard

had read many cardboard signs in downtown Manhattan enough to know the usual request. I pondered on what action to take, if any, in this situation I'd stumbled upon in my carefree morning where my biggest concern was the reckless breakfast I was about to feed my family. This family was here proclaiming their disparity. This family living in their broken and beaten down car represented the challenges of rural homelessness; despite government programs and community involvement, they exist without being counted. After entering the store with this new dilemma in mind, I came to the conclusion that this deserved an act of kindness, an individual handout. My conscious wouldn't allow me to go forth without feeling compassion for this unfortunate family. Inside the store, I bought the warm bread for my family along with some other items I needed. I also bought some basic necessities, such as wet wipes, a gallon of milk, a loaf of bread, some charcuterie and a bunch of fruits and ask the clerk to bag these items separately & added an envelope containing a crisp twenty dollar…