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Jane Mukala
Professor Hart
English 101
26 February 2015 INDEPENDENCE CELEBRATION STILL CELEBRATED I have always loved travelling and attending shows by my favorite artists. This one event was a bigger and more interesting event than what I expected (two in one). An invitation to an independence celebration and concert for one of my favorite African musicians was sent to my email and was going to happen in Atlanta. One of my girlfriends told me about it and I was more than interested to attend it. This event preparation and excitement lead into a tragic accident and from then on I have always been scared of travelling long distances by road for any occasion.
It was a Sunday morning when I got a phone call from my girlfriend Chimwemwe screaming and yelling on the phone, very excited like she was asked on a date from her long time crush, but only was it because she had gotten an invitation for the independence celebration and O.C concert. She was breathing so heavily and I had asked her to calm down because I could barely hear what she was trying to explain to me. It was so annoying that I started to get irritated because I was trying to get ready for class at that time and I was running late because my ride to go to school was almost there. I wished I could hang up because she was taking forever to tell me what it was but for a second I had guessed it was about the concert because I had seen her post about it on Facebook a few days before it was confirmed. Finally she came to her calmly tone and told me how surprised she was about receiving the invitation. Surprisingly, I also got a notification on my phone saying I was invited as well. The excitement got to me as well that it got worse for her that she couldn’t believe that we were finally going to attend one of our favorite musicians concert here in America.
The whole concert and celebration was a week away so we needed to start preparing on how we were going to travel and accommodate our selves when we got there. For me it was a little hard because I had some exams during that week so I had to find a way of sorting out everything together and making sure that it was going to work because I really wanted to attend that show. I started serving up and also asked for some money from my mum but she kind of had a bad feeling about us going to Atlanta without knowing anyone there, still she knew how much I loved him so she just let the whole discussion go and accepted on helping me out with some of the money. My girlfriend had also contacted her sister and cousin so did I ask my best friend if they wanted to go to and they agreed that way it made it cheaper for gas as we travelled and also accommodation at the hotel.
The final day had come and everyone was prepared and ready for the thirteen hours’ drive to Atlanta. We were all pretty excited about the whole journey because it was the first time for everyone to visit the place and attend any show by the artist. My girlfriend contacted everyone that morning just to make sure we all had ourselves ready and prepared to go. Since she was all the way in Virginia her and her sister at that time where the only ones able to drive because they had driving licenses. So she told her sister who lived near me to pick me up and after she picked up my best friend because the three of us all lived in the same area and we all just wanted to use one car that way it was cheaper for gas and it would also have been more fun and exciting as a group. We later picked up Chimz cousin the headed towards Virginia finally to pick Chimz up. Finally everyone was there and the excitement was tremendous from everyone. We