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Leslie Moreno
English 102 CW5 T/R
Essay #3: Drama

‘The Walking Dead’ is an “American post-apocalyptic horror drama television series,” states Wikipedia.com. One of the top shows in the country is directed by Frank Darabont. This television show is about a zombie apocalypse growing more each day and also trying to keep human race alive and together while looking for sanctuaries. The Walking Dead has had five seasons and they were and continue being successful. The fifth season just ended and will continue with season six in the fall. This show started off with Rick, one of the main characters, waking up from a coma in a deserted hospital and town. When he started walking to his home it was empty and deserted; he then saw the first zombie crawling trying to grab him to rip his flesh. After many attempts, he finally figured out the only way to kill them, again and for good, is to aim for the brain. This story of Rick trying to find his family only grows with bigger problems when he runs into more and more zombies in the city. He was helped by another group of people, and they then looked out for each other. Rick does eventually find his family, his wife and son, and, of course the adventure begins with finding a safe place to live. He now leads his group, and they conquer and fail throughout the seasons, but the most dramatic scenes are when characters who are favorites die. The bloody scenes and horrific zombies shown are just spectacular.
This show has made viewers