ENG 103 Final Essay

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ENG 103
Final Reflection
The essays taught me how to better organize my thoughts and be able to communicate them properly. All of the reading and homework assignment showed me how I can better reach my target audience and how to analyze other works. Prior to this course, when I wrote I rarely had a rough draft and seldom did I organized my ideas ahead of time. I think that my writing has improved a lot because I have a better understanding of rhetoric writing and editing, but there is always more to improve on. My writing skills are what I think I improved most on. Though I still have a long ways to go, there is a big difference from the beginning of the semester to where I am now. I also still have to improve on my critical reading skills and retaining information after I read. All of these are skills that can be applied to every aspect of life. I learned how to successfully persuade my target audience and that can be used anywhere. If I am applying for a job I can now better communicate with employers and make a stronger case for why I should be hired. It will help in classes for when I have to write because I can now do so more fluidly. These skills also go beyond just writing. Any rhetorical situation I find myself in can be handle appropriately to be able to influence others. Also I am now more aware of the techniques used by others in rhetoric situations, which has improved my visual analyses skills. Knowing how to reach a target audience, I can now analyze picture and commercials effectively. This class also opened my eyes to the subject of media literacy. When we first starting learning about it not one person raised there hand to answer what it was and as the week went on I realized how little I actually looked into the websites I used. The biggest thing that changed how I