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Max Lupulyak
English 111
19 Nov 2014
Final paper # 4 In the story Greasy Lake the narrator and his friends have an epiphany at the end of the story and realize that their ‘being cool’ act only leads to negative consequences. In the Cathedral the narrator also has an epiphany at the end of the story, he gets a new sight of life and see’s something he hasn’t before that helps not feel trapped in the little house, instead he feels like he was “Inside nothing”. Both stories The Greasy Lake and the Cathedral the Narrators get an epiphany through different ways one with a tragic ending and through realization of life through someone else’s shoes. In greasy lake the boy start out as a ‘bad’ character, wearing torn up jackets, rolled up sleeves, toothpick in mouth and doing stupid stuff was there character. Until they run into a horrifying situation that makes them question themselves on how bad they really are. “When courtesy and winning ways [are] out of style when it is good to be bad, when they cultivate decadence like a taste. We were all dangerous character then” (294 P1) the boys just have this bad attitude towards life, they drive their parents cars fast, and burn rubber as the pull out of the driveway. The college boys in the story just have the bad habits. They drink “gin and grape juice, Tango, Thunderbird, and Bali Hai, sniff glue, and ether and what somebody claims is cocaine. (294 P1) What started out as prank, ended up to be an awakening or realization of adulthood. The boys were not born in some ghetto living development, or in the streets, these were ordinary, suburban living college kids that acted as a tough character to impress the ladies. The boys, not thinking of the consequences did stupid stuff like get into a fight with a tire iron, try to rape a girl, destructed their mother’s car and even witness a dead body. They had so much trouble that night that they did not even want to chill with the girls in the end. When the girls asked “hey you want to party” “I thought I was going to cry. Digby broke the silence. “No thanks”. (302 P2). realizing that their so called ‘cool act’ just is full of consequences that make the narrator feel like he wants to “be at home with his parents’ house and crawl into bed”(301 P7) the boy learn that they are not these ‘bad’ figure types they are normal kids, that just went into a different path. In the story the Cathedral the Narrator also has this epiphany that he gets a new sight of life and