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Before New York, earth had Paris, before Rome, Venice, Millan, and Florence, there was Athens, Cyprus, Olympus and Greek. The art world has changed trend base on the cities. Art lovers also know the hieroglyphs of the great pyramid in the Valley of the Kings and story of Mesopotamia. New York City represents cultures from around the world the world, because of the strength in combined flavor the city include in international art in their events.

Manhattan, compared to the rest of the cities in New York City holds the most significant edifice of art work. From Harlem through upper to mid-town of the city are beautifully designed to make the city new art capital of the world. Through painting and sculpture work, one can locate a place and building. The most important buildings that make city a place to visit are, Wall Street, which is the financial building of the city, the Empire State building which at night one can simply know what is going on in the city through the light. Example when there is game, one will see the team which the city is supporting. This makes the city very beautiful and colorful.

Moreover, the other side of the beauty of the city also go beyond the building. The park and garden also in their own way through architecture makes the park a visiting center. Example Central Park in Manhattan is a well-known park which draw people around every day to see its design and its beautification. The subway, through is painting helps one to