Eng 120 Homework 5 Essay

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Homework #5

Read Patterns 404-407; complete "Comprehension," "Style and Structure" and "Vocabulary Projects" pp.407-408


1. Their original plan was to stay in North America for two years then move back to India.

2. Mira means she was ready to be married to a person from a different culture. They may not have the same values and morals but she is willing to work them out.
3. Bharati became a US citizen and she married a man from North Dakota.
She was into pop culture

Her sister Mira kept her Indian citizenship.
She also married a Indian man. She valued the traditional way of life.

Even though they had a close affectionate relationship over the phone, they really pitied each other. They were also unacknowledged adversaries but sometimes that’s normal with siblings.

4. She feel’s used because she spent 30 years investing her creativity and professional skills into the improvement of Americas pre-school system. She obeyed all the rules, paid her taxes and then they change the rules of immigration on her mid stream.

5. She is like them because them because she done all of those things for 30 years.

Style and Structure:

1.) The basis for the differences between Mira and her sister could be there citizenship. Their significant other. Excepting the new North American way of life or Living the same way as the traditional Indian way.

2.) This is a point by point style. I think she decided on doing it this way because helped her explain both perspectives.

3.) Maintaining Identity, The ways they dealt being an immigrant, men they married. How Bharati had an easier time than her sister.

4.) Then, instead, after, long, and, until, nearly.

5.) Her conclusion was good. I believe it would be better if hit every subject that she talked about throughout her whole essay.


1. Saris: a garment consisting of a length of cotton or silk elaborately draped around the body, traditionally worn by women from South Asia.

Certifications: refers to the