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Men and Women
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Men and Women Since the dawn of time men and women have always been treated differently. Men have been the dominant, more stern and straightforward creatures. Meanwhile, women have been considered to be ditzy, unintelligent, and emotional. These characteristics have even been displayed in television and films. Although this may be true men and women often share the same characteristics when reacting to serious situations. The target audience is men and women. The exigence is the lack of understanding men and women have for the opposite sex. The purpose is to reveal the same characteristics men and women have when reacting to serious situations. When reacting to serious situations in films, television, and reality men and women panic, evaluate the situation, and try to find practical solutions to the issues at hand. Often times, when people hear devastating news they become alert. People are known to panic and react terribly. The case is the same for both men and women. Both men and women panic when they are enlightened about serious situations. Although the manner in which they react often vary. For instance, a man’s panic state would be more subtle than a women’s, or vice versa. For example, a man and a women husband and wife have just realized that one of their cars have been broken into. The women reacts by locking doors and talking excessively. The man becomes the victim of a terrible cough. Both characters are in their panic state, however, the reactions are different. Equally men and women evaluate the situations at hand. However, the manners in which they approach certain situations differ. Sometimes during the panic stage of hearing the news of serious situations men and women attempt to process the information they were just informed of. For example, in the 80s sitcom Roseanne the main characters Dan and Roseanne Conner play the average married couple. In one episode they were told that their 17 year old daughter has just eloped and got married to the boy she was dating, that they did not approve of. Dan reacted in a subtle way. Roseanne reacted by yelling at Becky, their daughter. After their initial responses they both processed the information by consulting each other, while they were still in their panic stages. Imagine as a parent being told news such as this, when the daughter has such a promising future. Mutually, men and women are both bound to find solutions to the serious news they have just been told. In any