ENG 127 Food Journal Essay

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Fresan C. Kambu
ENG 127
Food Journal

Friday, 4th January 2013

Right after Eng 127 class, I went to get my usual morning drink, which is a grande, sized mocha with whipped cream. After that I went straight to my 11am class. After my 11am class I then went to the cafeteria in the LC building.

Lunch: I decided to get a slice of sausage pizza with those cheese and chili powder on top of the pizza. Before consuming a pizza and with this food journal assignment in thought, I did think about how the pizza was made and what all the ingredients that were are used to make it. With what I have observed several times by going into the cafeteria, I assumed that the pizza I was about to eat is handmade by the chef ad people that work in the kitchen cafeteria.

I didn’t eat anything else until about 10pm I had the craving for sushi and so my boyfriend and me drove around Auburn to see if there was any restaurants that might still be open. After driving around to see any possible restaurants that might still be open we had no luck and decided for Dennys’ but then finally decided to go to IHOPs!

Dinner: From the IHOP menu, to start of with appetizers, I ordered the ‘Appetizer Sampler’ which had onion rings, chicken stripes and mozzarella cheese with ranch as the dipping sauce. For the main course, I decided to order the ‘Big Steak Omelette’, which consisted hash browns, tender slices of steak, onions, mushrooms, green pepper, tomatoes and cheddar cheese. To include with that the ‘Big Steak Omelette’ also came with 3 buttery pancakes which I had with some warm maple syrup. With this food journal in mind, personally this was a little challenging for me to think of how the food I was about to consume comes from, because I think personally for me, trying to think of where the food I was about to consume comes from at a dinner place such as IHOP made me feel a little uncomfortable and almost lost my appetite.
I mean, I think that it is important to at least try to think and get a sense of where the food that we are to consume comes from. For me, I just find it a little odd and maybe because on daily basis I usually just consume the food that is in front of me before really asking to myself the process of how that food was made or primarily came from.

Saturday, 5th January 2013

Luch: For lunch, I had the ‘Big Steak Omelette’ left overs from IHOP which I couldn’t bear to finish.
Dinner: For dinner, I decided to stay home and cook rather than go out. So I had some rice pilaf and some chicken legs that I marinated with some sweet and sour teriyaki sauce and chopped onions with slices of beef