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Precious Edgar
Eng 101
11/3/ 2014
Creaive writing

My name is Star people refer to me as the bad one mainly because i curse all the time and get send to the office all the time , I can’t help it it’s how I was raisied. I don’t like to be messed with nore looked at funny, It make me feel like I have a bogger in my nose or something on my face. Don’t mess with me and I wont curse you out is my motto.
Today is the day of the science fair I want to win then again If I don’t I guess it wont be a big deal. When I walk into class, I see evelyen and her project it looks kind of good, being the only child and everything I could tell she stayed up all night working on it she really wants to win from what she tells me. Class let’s take our seats “Ms.Fairchild says” its time for our science fair. I hope all of you obeyed the rules as far as making differnert models of a tiptych. That’s the only thing about not having a lot of money you don’t get everything you want. it unfair because my brothers get everything, I’m the girl so shouldn’t that mean I should get the most?
Put your projects around the room pleaae so everybody can see observed them. my project is the first one that everybodys come to see, i start to get nervous. I go to my backpack and take out vinegar , red food coloring and a box of Arm & Hammer baking soda, I put them in to the volanco one by one anxiously waiting for it explode.
As I look at my classmates waiting patiently for the valcono I start to think in what it would be like to have rich partents like them, have nice clothes and walk around with OP hoodies and jackets. Then my eyes set on Eveyln..Evelyn is about the only girl that talks to me In this class I really don’t know why because all the others girls think im mean, stuck up and lie a lot about my family members or thiings that I have experienced in my life. What they don’t know is most things I say is true I might tweek it alittle to make it just a little bit interesting but nobody know cares about that they just see me a they see me. Evelyn on the others see something different, well I gues she does or eles she would be talking to me right. She is such a nice person with a crazy mind set I think, I say that because everytime I see her it looks like her brain Is just going off in its own little world, the wheels in her head spin so much it like she is being contoled by hamsters. My train thought got inruppted Ms.Fairchild, Star you volcano hasn’t exploded yet whats the problem.
Im sorry Ms.Fairchild I don’t know what they problem is I put some more baking soda, food coloring and Vingear in the volcano 3 mintues later it