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The Stress of a Job Without Technology Justification Report
ENG 315 – Professional Communications
Professor Dimetri Richardson
May 17, 2015

Mrs. Dimetri Richardson
Professor of English
Strayer University
676 Independence Pkwy
Chesapeake, VA 23320

April 21, 2015

My Name
832 Park Street
Chesapeake, VA 23320

Dear Mrs. Richardson,
I am satisfied to present the report that you approved in regards to Company workers having a need to be supplied TABLET tablets and remote wireless capabilities capacities while working out in the field.
Late research of a portion of the top urban areas Police Departments have demonstrated that when a segment of their field officers were supplied with Laptops and remote wireless capabilities ability they found themselves able to do their work all the more effectively. It is consequently the suggestion of our organization that we buy tablets for our workers who are doing printed material in the field to eliminate additional time spent rushing to the workplace to round out and turn in printed material that could be possible on the tablet.
Much obliged to you for permitting me the chance to research the potential advantages of our representatives having smart phones their vehicles. I admire your thought of my proposal. Should you have any request with respect to this report, sympathetic don't postpone contacting me at (785) 876-9332.


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Enclosure: Justification Report

Table of Contents
Executive Summary 4
Problem Statement 5
Terminology 5
Report Overview…………………………………………………………………………………. 5
Overview of Alternatives………………………………………………………………………….6
Criteria 6
Research Methods 6
Evaluation of Alternatives 7
Findings and Analysis 8
Recommendation 9
References 10

Executive Summary
This document reviews the common sense of our association equipping its agents with tablets that are to be used for field utilization. Techniques for examination incorporated the exploration of offices, for example, the city Police Department and nearby organizations that have outfitted their workers with tablets so they are not tied to their work area most of the time, however they find themselves able to get out to their customers more office and perform their everyday assignment all the more effectively. Results have demonstrated through gathered information that every office had the capacity be all the more cutting-edge in getting work turn in on time and concentrate better in accomplishing their occupations without being surged.
However the reports find that, while both had the capacity finish their occupations all the more proficiently and on time, discovering additionally so demonstrates that for most organizations that to transform from a manual to cutting-edge specialized framework is exorbitant and most businesses do the update slowly through a two to three year timeline. Be that as it may, the change has every organization has made extensive reserve funds and make benefits for every business.

Problem Statement
A boundless lion's offer of the association's printed material is persistently being turned in late. Our association needs the larger part of our delegates to have a tablet in their vehicle with Internet arrange so they discover themselves ready to turn in their printed material on time. This is in light of the way that the predominant pieces of our specialists are so inaccessible from the workplace that they are leaving the occupation destinations late as a general rule.
"Tablet"- is a littler form of a desktop TABLET that can be brought with an individual to specific areas. (Convenient).
“Remote wireless capabilities wireless capabilities” – have the capacity to get Internet administration while far from home or work through the ability of a convenient modem and getting a signal.
Report Overview
This report was made to help our affiliation pick if furnishing our agents with advantageous TABLETs and remote capacities switch will it help them to