Discuss How Your Novel Is Effective In Revealing The Complexity Of Human Relationships

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Choose one of the four topics below. Your will present your analysis in front of the class. This will require that you provide specific references from your chosen novel in order to make a solid argument. Clearly identify your thesis and your directional points.

Three Part Summative (12-15 minute presentations)

Part A - Biography/plot summary (max 2 min)
Part B - Oral Essay – Choose 1 of 4 essay questions (apprx 5 min)
Part C – Visual – connecting an issue from the novel to today’s society (apprx 5 min)

Summative Deadlines

1. Novel must be chosen by Monday, September 20th 2012. 2. In-class evaluation for reading completion on Monday, October 22th 2012. 3. Presentations begin on Tuesday, January 8th 2013.

Part A (Biography/Plot Summary)

A brief, but thorough description of your author including why he or she wrote the novel, as well as a brief plot summary. (2 min MAX) – marks deducted for going over time.

Part B (Oral Essay)

Choose one of the following:

1. Discuss how your novel is effective in revealing the complexity of human relationships. Explain fully with specific text references.

2. Obsessions can have a negative effect on people. Determine who experiences and creates the most suffering in your novel. Why?

3. What role does setting play in our understanding of the various characters and their struggles and or triumphs?

4. Explain the importance of symbolism and or imagery in our understanding of the protagonist’s journey.

Part C (Visual/Issue)

Select a substantial issue that interests you from your novel and present your research to the class. ie. human rights issues, injustice, discrimination, art, music, historical, events, etc.

*Criteria – See the Sample Product Ideas handout for possible ideas. Some on the list such as debate, essay, and oral reports do not apply as options for this section.

Create a visual that explains and demonstrates, in a creative way, the significance of the issue.
ENG 4U – ORAL SUMMATIVE PRESENTATION - Critical Literary Analysis Presentation Rubric

SECTION 1 – Communication /25

PRESENTATION STYLE: (out of 25 marks) |Absent

(0) |Very Weak

(1) |Weak

(2) |Satisfactory
(3) |Good

(4) |Excellent
(5) |Mark
Out of
(5) | |LANGUAGE USAGE: (Content in terms of diction/ sentence structures / grammar / absence of slang / avoidance of fillers, especially ‘like’) | | | | | | | | |EYE CONTACT: ( Sustained / frequent / with all areas of audience / only glancing at notes i.e. NO reading unless quoting from another source such as the novel or a critic | | | | | | | | |BODY LANGUAGE & ENTHUSIASM (AUDIENCE APPEAL): (Facial expressions / hand gestures / physical movement / engagement of audience, etc)
USE OF VOICE: (Inflection / enunciation / volume / projection / pacing) | | | | | | | | |ORGANIZATION: (Length 7 min / clear stages to presentation / well-rehearsed / smooth transitions between stages / providing a sense of ‘closure’ or ‘wrapping up’) | | | | | | | | |EXTEMPORIZATION: (Speaking naturally with only sporadic and brief reliance upon cards, notes, power point, etc. ie. no reading of pre-prepared wording) | | | | | | | | | SECTION 2 - Content /25