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Donald Cornell
Mrs. Laura Ahmed
English 3A-04
Arguing a Position
Due: 2/3/15 In this world we live in there many mysterious forces that as humans we cannot understand. One of the things in this world we have yet to understand is fate or destiny. Some people believe in it some people don’t. Some people don’t even know what fate is. Fate is defined by the dictionary as “the universal principle or ultimate agency by which the order of things is presumably prescribed; the decreed cause of events.” Destiny is defined by the dictionary as “the predetermined, usually inevitable or irresistible course of events.” Even though the definitions are clear and are in the English dictionary, these two principles are not believed by everyone. Strange though, because this not what most people will argue over when discussing fate and/or destiny. People usually will argue whether or not they control their own destiny or fate, or if it is already been decided for you by god. Personally, I think free will determines our fate by our actions and decisions that humans make throughout their life and god would play a role in the decision making and the actions humans take. Another thing a lot of people will argue about when it comes to the subject of fate and destiny is fatalism. Fatalism according to the dictionary is “the belief that events fixed by fate/destiny are unchangeable by any type of human agency.” Meaning, humans can have no effects upon their own fates or upon the fate of others. One of the most common places you will find examples of fatalism is the bible. Fate or Destiny does not exist in the bible they only referred to it as “god’s plan for you” or “god’s will.” Not only did the civilizations of the bible era believed this but a lot of other ancient peoples believed that decisions and actions ultimately went according to a divine plan devised by god, even free will. Followers of Christianity consider God to be the only force with control over one’s fate, meaning that he is responsible for good as well as evil and misfortune. On the other hand, there are many people in the world that believe that we as people control our own fate or destiny and not god. God would play an equal role in their decision making and actions that will determine they’re fate. They also believe that if you want to, and have the will to, you can change your fate. For example: there have been many poor homeless people on the street, but every now and again someone decides to change that fate, and the next time you see that person, they could have a whole different life, because that person used free will to overcome his or hers fate. There are other people in this world that are born into their fates. What I mean by this is that when someone is born into an old family with a family business, most likely that person is going to work in that family business. Or for example a Senator’s son is born and it is his first and only son, most likely the father would want the son to be more like him and would probably