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Samia Ghollami
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Dear Shelley Hadfield, I’m writing to you to inform you that I strongly disagree with being able to choose your child's gender through IVF. In your article you stated ‘all IVF clinics in Australia must stay within Natural Health and Medical research Council guidelines’ that says sex selection should not be done except to reduce the transmission of a serious genetic condition’. I strongly agree with this statement that you have made, I believe that unless the genetic condition is very serious, then IVF should not happen, because it can cause severe consequences in the future. If couples are going to start choosing their child's gender through IVF it could cause undeniable amount of problems in the future, for example if couple start wanting more boys then girls, it could drop the rate of numbers of girls in the population making it gender dominances.
Parents might think that all they are doing is choosing their child's gender, let least thats what they think. It is scientifically proven that children born via IVF are more likely to develop conditions such as cancer or diabetes later in their life. Getting IVF babies isn’t cheap, in fact it can cost up to $8000 dollars.
Spending this great amount of money can make your wishes come true but what about that babies future do the parents even think about that and what price their going to have to pay for such a mistake that the parents made?
No matter what the cost of getting IVF is, its the straggles that the child will suffer in the future what really counts.
If parents are able to produce babies naturally and give birth to a normal healthy baby, wether its a girl or a boy, then why do they have to change something thats not broken?. Why does gender matter so much?,families who really want a baby girl but every time they try its a boy, they can’t abort that baby. There is no difference between abortion and murder, just because it hasn’t developed properly or it hasn’t been given birth to, doesn’t make it any less then a human. Families that are straggling for a girl/boy should go and adopt a baby, because their are so many children out there just waiting for attention and love, and IVF babies make it hard for other children around the world to be adopted. IVF is happening to make parents dreams come true, but its really not what IVF is doing, it is causing more trouble for us in the near future. It is ethic to be able to choose your child's gender, its true that humanity is a threat to itself. If one gender is more desired then the other, it can cause