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English Speech
Topic: The power of language
‘Language can create intersesting insights into the world’

Good morning HCSC students. Language around us has the power to reveal interesting ideas of power into the world. Our world has us surrounded by power and individuals who use power for their own benefits, misusing it and turning to corruption. The dramatic language that is in ’The Removalist’ by David Williamson shows us how abusive language can form corruption in the world of the police force. Also, people who have authority in the world can use their power for justice, or for individuals to establish a dominant identity. CSI episode ‘Pledging Mr Johnson shows us this through the language of scene. It also shows us that individuals who use power to create a dominant identity can also commonly misuse it for their own personal gain.
David Williamsons ‘The Removalist’ reveals to us through dominant language that individuals who use the dominance of power in the world for their own personal gain often turn to corruption and immoral choices and behaviour. The character Simmonds uses his power as a police officer and becomes corrupt. He uses his power as an enforcer of the law to his advantage, believing that he can get and do what he wants. When he is arresting Kenny he says ‘Don’t talk to me like that, fella. I’m warning you. I’m an enforcer of the law’. He is demonstrating that because he has the authority of a police officer of the law, if Kenny doesn’t follow the warnings, Simmonds could do what he wants to him. Using language like ‘fella’ is demeaning to Kenny and the reassuring tone shows us that Simmonds is of higher authority. The fact that Simmonds warns Kenny in and excited tone hints to us that he is starting to use his authority for his own amusement and gain, and becoming corrupt.
The dramatic film language used in the CSI episode ‘Pledging Mr Johnson’ highlights to us that individuals exercise their power by using specific technology and crime jargon to show their dominance and knowledge in discovering the truth in the world. When the agents are overseeing a dead body, one of them says ‘Barge propeller, bade cut clean through, no epidermal bruising.’ The listing of medical terms shows us that they have knowledge in the area and in having that knowledge it helps them gain more power over the investigation. They’re all wearing blue uniforms in this scene and the whole crime lab has a blue luminescence, further