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To be marginalized and an outsider means to be unconnected and treated as insignificant or peripheral. Tim Burton who has experienced this uses techniques such as juxtaposition, irony, camera angels and sound effects to communicate themes of intolerance and conformity dynamically throughout his films. In the following essay i will talk about how Tim Burton has used his films to feature characters that are diverse in order to comment on society's flaws, whilst also reflecting his own experiences.
Tim Burton was considered by those around him to be a misfit who spent his childhood days feeding on a diet of horror and science fiction. Tim Burton has created a variety of compelling characters to satirically comment on society's flaws while being an outcast.
Tim Burton’s personal experiences have created characters that are different/unique in his films. Edward Siccorhands from Edward Siccorhands is a strong character of resemblance that fulfills this position comfortably, with a dark gothic suit, scarred face and Siccorhands. Edwards’s diversity is parted to the norm of society and judged.
Throughout the film of Edward Siccorhands, Tim Burton has managed to successfully drive Edward through intolerance. This is a personal piece of construction that allows Tim to dank and gibber expressionistic purposes throughout his character. Intolerance is blatantly recognizable in the scene where Ezmorelda approaches Edward and accuses him as Satan for looking different. "Power Satan is in him, I can feel it" ~ Ezmorelda. The film communicates an euphoric imagination through sound, as an evil tone of music enters the scene to empower her words.
The film Big Fish also expresses the certain technique. The Low angle and high angle shots that capture Carls height in significant scenes, permit a great understanding of Intolerance. Carl is neglected from the society for being mere different. Our simple understanding of this is seen through the scene where the people of Ashton propose to kill the giant for being distinct. "Hes a monster" ~ Civilian. We immediately re-identify Tim Burton’s messages towards us through this scene.
In Similar context to Edward Siccorhands we establish a strong connection to a main character in the film Big Fish. Carl is giant, looking for a place in the world, despite his appearance and hunger. The character represents a misconnection on society's flaws, with distinct features. Tim Burton’s illustration of this diverse character shares personal experiences and relations to being an outsider.
Tim Burton’s diverse and different characters comment on society’s flaws. The flaw of conformity strongly links to the connection of Tim Burton’s concepts behind these characters. Conformity is easily withheld in