Eng10 Pt1 U3L9 AKA Segment Essay

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English 10
Applied Knowledge Assessment
Persuasive Essay Organizer Segment 1

In the boxes below, answer the numbered directions provided in complete sentences. Write your responses in the third person – do not write in the first. This means that you should not have any “I” statements.

1. Choose one of the topics from the approved list in the directions document that you wish to discuss and write 1-2 sentences that reflect your beliefs on these matters.

Opinion Statement:
Animal testing should be banned because it is unethical and inhumane. It is not fair that people are able to take living beings that do not belong to them, and test make up products, cleaning supply products, etc on the animals.

2. Provide three reasons that appeal to the ethical, emotional, and logical points of your persuasive argument using 1-2 sentences for each plea.

Reason 1:
The animals that get tested on can go blind, loose limbs, and have health problems, even death, in some cases. It’s also unethical to send over 100 million living animals to a lab to be poisoned, burned, shocked, and even killed in the name of science. The world doesn’t need more make-up, hand soap, food ingredient, drugs, or even pesticide that it causes an animal its life.
Reason 2:
It’s simply bad science. The Food and Drug Administration reported 92 out of every 100 drugs that pass on animals fail on humans. It also wastes taxpayer’s money! Animal experiments prolong the suffering of people needing the effective cures by misleading experimenters and squandering money, time, and even resources. This money, time, and resources could have been spent on human-relevant research.
Reason 3:
To sum it up, it’s archaic as well. Forward-thinking scientists have developed humane, modern, and